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Cooper Discoverer All-Terrain 275/65R18 116T All-Terrain Tire

Cooper Discoverer All-Terrain 275/65R18 116T All-Terrain Tire

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The Cooper Discoverer All Terrain 275/65R18 116T All-Terrain Tire has a 60K (SUV) 55K (LT) Treadwear Warranty. The tread design and internal construction helps the tire fight uneven wear to attain treadwear warranty. Sound Barrier Walls in the shoulders of the tire help keep tread pattern noise to a minimum. Repeating pitch sequence helps provide a smooth ride. Silica tread compound helps the tire grip the road in wet weather. Circumferential grooves and increased siping in the tread design help push water out of the tire's way for better wet handling. Snow groove technology helps bite into snow providing confidence in winter driving. Similar to its predecessor . the tread pattern kicks out stones with the stone ejectors (in the intermediate grooves). Stone barriers keep stones from drilling into tires. Tread compound delivers off-road performance on unpaved roads.

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