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2023-24 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Walmart Exclusive Mega Blaster!

2023-24 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Walmart Exclusive Mega Blaster!

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Refresher on the Refresh! We made a couple of exciting changes to the Upper Deck Series to deliver an even more compelling collecting experience! The changes: An improved insert-to-base card ratio in each pack. Each pack now contains three (3) inserts . on average. The introduction of a stunning base set parallel . which also means more Young Guns® cards to chase! And while we changed the configuration (cards per pack/packs per box) . each box still contains at least two (2) Young Guns® cards . on average. Exclusive Offering! Every box includes an exclusive three-card 1994-95 Rookie Die-Cut bonus pack featuring top rookies! Collect the next 10 cards of both the regular set and the Red parallel set! Series 2 sports the next 250 cards (251-500) of the 2023-24 Upper Deck base set. Annually . the Upper Deck base set is the most widely-collected base set in hockey. The set includes 198 veteran cards . 49 Young Guns® cards (the most anticipated rookie cards of the season!) and three checklist cards. Keep an eye out for Outburst parallels! Fans and collectors alike will be blown away by the UD Portraits cards! The 2023-24 version of this classic insert portrays star veterans and rookies like you've never seen them before! No two player portraits are the same. Series 2 hosts the final 30 cards of the 2023-24 UD Portraits set! UD Canvas® . an intra-series set that is a longtime favorite amongst collectors . features a collection of the top stars in the game today . the best of the Young Guns® and . in Series 2 only . short-printed Retired and Program of Excellence (rookies that have played for Team Canada) subsets. Series 2 contains the next 150 cards (C121 – C270) of the 2023-24 set.

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